The raw material base for production is the Mozyr rock salt field deposit, the proven reserves of which amount to hundreds of millions of tons. The field deposit, which became the starting point for the creation of Mozyrsalt OJSC, is a doming consisting of difficultly alternating layers of insoluble rocks and salt. The depth of salt intended for extraction varies in the depth from 600 to 1250 meters relative to the natural elevation of the ground surface.

Salt production is carried out without using mines – by underground dissolution of the salt layer in drinking water.

Salt production is carried out in ten (10) wells of the brine field, located at a distance of 3 kilometres from the main industrial site of the enterprise. With a special device, water is introduced into the well, dissolving the salt in itself at the bed to the maximum concentration, and the saturated solution, called the brine, rises to the surface and is pumped to the main site using brine pipelines.

In the brine separation department, the saturated solution is purified from mechanical impurities, calcium and magnesium salt and fed to evaporation. The suspension obtained during evaporation, called the salt pulp, is thickened, centrifuged to a residual moisture content of 3% and dried to a residual moisture content of not more than 0.1%.

Due to the high degree of purification of the initial brine and special methods of conducting the technological process, a product is manufactured with a content of the main substance (sodium chloride) of not less than 99.7%, corresponding to the extra grade.

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