Belorusskaya iodized food salt


Belorusskaya premium iodized table food salt It is a mixture of coarse rock salt and extra evaporated table food salt with an anti-caking agent.

Manufactured in compliance with ТУ РБ 101191824.405 - 2001.

The iodine content in the salt is (40 ± 15) mcg/g.

up to 1.0 mm inclusive – not less than 70%;
over 2.5 mm – not more than 5%.



Polesie extra evaporated table food salt, rock salt, potassium iodate, E536 anti-caking agent

Storage conditions:

store at a relative humidity of not more than 75%

Shelf life:

18 months

Net weight:

50 kg

Country of origin:


Group packing


50 kg polypropylene bags

Group packing


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